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Gun Safes


 Safe opening -Our Specialty   We can open your gun safe at very reasonable prices.They do have problems once in awhile.But in most cases it can be opened  and repaired to look like new.   it's important to protect your valuable guns from fire damage. Finally, there's the issue of burglary. The firstline defense against theft is to have a top of the line gun safe.

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Fire Safes


  The first thing to know is that there are two general categories of safes: burglar safes, and fire safes. As you would expect, burglar safes are designed to provide protection against burglary, and fire safes are designed to provide protection against fire.   

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Burgulary Safes


  Burglar safes are designed to provide protection against forced-entry. Burglars use a variety of tools to break into safes, including common hand tools, power tools, cutting torches, chemicals, and explosives. A burglar safe can be designed to resist each of these types of attacks, but specific materials and con

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In the Floor Safes


 A floor safe sits level with the top of the floor. A cover plate fits over the top of the floor safe, and this protects the lock because the door is recessed down a couple of inches. This is great because the cover. Can be covered with the same carpet or floor covering of the room it's in, virtually making it invisible.

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Jewelery Safes


The lower cost  Jewelry safe aren't meant

To house your very expensive jewelry.You wouldn't want to put $5000.00 in jewelry in a $200.00  safe it just ndoesn't make sense. I have seen this happen more than once. 

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Office Safes


Often referred to as home & office safes, office safes are really just home safes with a few upgrades. Business typically deal with extremely important documents, and large sums of cash. If there was ever a fire, it is important that  these items survive. 

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Hotel Safes


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Media Safes


Safe opening ,upgrades and repairs

Drop Safes


 Safe opening ,upgrades and repairs 

Jewelers Safe


 Safe opening ,upgrades and repairs 

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 Safe opening ,upgrades and repairs 

Wall Safe


 Safe opening ,upgrades and repairs