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I'm a L:ocksmith and safeman. I can take care of any safe lockout.I do keys and locksmith work also. I have have years of experience opening installing and servicing safes.. Safes to store  important documents, money and other valuables that must be kept secure.  I have experience with all types of safes including gun safes Wall safes, floor safes and gun safes are great options for homeowners. A wall safe is installed securely into the wall. The door of a wall safe is usually hidden with a picture or a piece of furniture. A floor safe is concealed in the concrete of the floor,  it is unseen by others. A gun safe could be used as a multi-purpose safe. The technical purpose of a gun safe is to store a gun and keep it out of the reach of children and strangers. 

If you have lost or forgotten the lock combination to your safe, we can also help. I can open your dial safe without destructing it then change your safe combination. As a result, you will not have to pay additional costs for a new safe.. 

Safe we can open and repair Hamilton safe Fireking Sentry Schwab Brown Gun Vault Liberty Gardall American Security Fort Knox Hayman Mega Safe A&B Safe Gardex Allied Safe $ Vault Phenox NKL Safes  and many others.

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