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What is a transponder key? A transponder key, (or chip key or computer key), around 1996-1997  cars in the U.S.A. started showing up with transponder keys.These are commonly cal chipped keys.A transponder key is a car key which uses a transponder chip to control your vehicles locks.  Transponder keys have become popular among most car manufacturers in recent years because they provide higher security than traditional car keys A vehicle requiring a key will not operate without the matching transponder key. The lock may turn if the key is cut right but the car will not start and stay on .

  • It requires a Locksmith to program in a new key if all keys are lost. Likewise if you need a copy this can be done by a locksmith also.You might wonder as to how we can program a chipped key. Well locksmiths have access to key programmers,they are very expensive however. We provide the lowest cost possible for chipped key and key Fob programming.

I'm sometimes asked if it's ok to purchase the key or fob and then have us program it. It makes no difference to me i'm happy to program them no matter where they com from.

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Older cars may use key Fobs but many of the newer cars use Prox keys. A Prox key is different than a key Fob which is sometimes called a remote. A Auto that uses a Prox key usually  has a push button start. When you get in the car and have a prox key on you it detects the key and allows the car to start.We can program Prox key for most autos. Most of the older use key fobs and I can program most of the also. 

Prox keys and remotes

I'm ready to help with most programming. It's usually best to call for a appointment. 

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